Freedom APK Direct Download v1.7.8h Official Site

Freedom APK Info:

App Name Freedom
Version Name 1.7.8h
Updated On Aug 1, 2017
Requires Android Android 2.3-7.1.1
App Size 1.9 MB
Root Required? Yes
Main Task Bypass in-app Purchase

People like to play many different types of the Games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfer and many other Games in the Android Mobiles. People want to play this Games when they travel somewhere or sitting in some place.

It has the only one issue is that this game works on the Coins System. So when we unlock the new Maps, Characters and the Vehicles, this game demands Coins, which people require to purchase with the Real Money.

But People don’t who want to waste their Money in just purchasing and playing the games. So in this case, Freedom Application is a Great App which is Android Based and Freedom App allows every person to buy every type of different patches as well as Mods of various games in a free of cost.

So the Freedom Application provides better features for those users who are very curious to play to any game and has the curiosity to buy anything in the Game. We have provided every information about how to download and install the Freedom Application on your Smartphone as well as Computer.

How to Download and Install Freedom APK

Step 1. First of all download latest version of freedom Apk from below –

Download Freedom APK

freedom apk


Step 2. After finish downloading process, open the download folder and click on the app and install it.


freedom apk


Step 3. Now open it, and it will ask for root/ superuser permission then tap on grant / allow.


freedom apk


Step 4. Now it will show your all installed applications on their main page.


freedom apk


Step 5. Select the application which you want to buy in-app purchase free.


freedom apk

Step 6. Now go to their app level or coins section and click on buy.

Fix Play Store Not Working After Install Freedom Apk

If you have some issues like Play Store Showing No Connection After Installing this APK, and you want to solve this problem, simply follow the below steps for this.

  • At First, Open Freedom app once again from your Device and Then Click Menu Button and select Stop option.

Clear Data of Play Store and Open it; This Will solve your Issue. If Still did not solve then, follow below Steps.

  • Open Any File Explorer Which  Supports to Edit System files like root explorer.
  • Then go to /system/etc. folder and you will see hosts file there.
  • Edit that File, Delete Everything and Paste below Line.
  • Save the File, Now Clear data of Play Store + Reboot your Device.
  • Now, your Issue Will be Fixed for sure. Now you can Enjoy Games and Apps Downloading from Your Play Store again with the help of this Tutorial.

Alternate Method for Fix Play Store not working After Install Freedom App

Open Freedom app from your Phone, and then Click Menu button – hit Stop button and now try to open Play Store, It should work.

Freedom APK Permissions Required

Internet Access Required
Modify System Settings
Kill Background Tasks
Get Accounts
Write External Storage
Read Phone State
Reboot Device
Install, Force Stop Packages

Features of the Freedom APK

freedom apk icon

1) People can be able to buy anything in the Game without any cost in the Freedom Application.

2) It works on many of the Android Applications and allows the users to control those Android Applications.

3) People can be able to unlock all the Games with this Freedom Application.

4) People can be able to unlock the full version of all the Android Applications that are quite compatible with Freedom Application.

5) People can be able to purchase unlimited Gems, Coins as well as Bullets by the Freedom Application without any cost.

I know that all the people are surely excited to download on the Android Phones and enjoy the better features of the Freedom App. This Freedom Apk is not available on the PlayStore. So if people want to download the Freedom Application, then they have to download the Freedom.Apk File.

Freedom Application developers continuously release new updates of the Freedom game for fixing the Bugs and include new features in the Freedom Application as it can work better than before.

It requires about 2 Mb space on the Android device to install it. Your Smartphone should have at least 2.3 Android operating system to download it, otherwise, it can’t be downloaded.

It can be also downloaded on the Android 7.1.1 Nougat as well. It requires for rooting the device to work in one device otherwise it will not start.

Freedom APK Infographic

Freedom APK Download Infographic

Requirements for the Freedom APK

Freedom APK is an Android Application which can be downloaded to provide the Android users with a with a chance to make the in-app purchases in many of the games. It allows the people to get those things for free that are taken from the real money.

Without the rooting of the Handset of the Android, people can’t be able to use the Application of the Freedom. If you want to get the knowledge about how to root the Android Application, then people check it on the Google about how to root your Device and you will many answers from thousands of Website.

How to Run Freedom App on the Computer

There are some of the ways by which people can be able to run the Freedom Application on the Windows. For your convenience, we have provided you many of the methods for running the Freedom Application on the Computer.

People should use the Android Emulator for using the Freedom Application on the Computer. We have shown you all the ways for installing the Freedom Application on the Windows Computer by using the App Player Emulator of the Nox.

Step 1 – People should download the Android Emulator of the Nox App Player. In this way, This Freedom App is fooled and the system believes that it is running on the Android Platform. This Application of the Nox Player is very Handy with the easy for using as well as it is quite famous for many of the users who require for downloading the Apk of the Freedom on the Computer.

Step 2 – Once After the Download and Installation of the Emulator, people should open their Browser and try to search for the Freedom Application.

Step 3 – Before the downloading the Application, one should try to download the file into the convenient place which is better for you find it. People should click on the Right Side of the icon and people should open it with the Emulator of the Nox App Player.

Step 4 – After it is opened, people can be able to enjoy the Freedom Application into the Nox App Player Emulator and the People are ready for using the Freedom Application.

People have to watch for their Storage Space before they install the Nox App Player Emulator into the Windows. If there is a less space on the Windows than the File of the Nox App Player Emulator, then the Nox App Player Emulator will get install in Windows PC.

If the Nox App Player Emulator is not getting installed on your PC for some reason, then there are many of the versions of the Nox App Player Emulator from which you can choose many of the Nox App Player Emulator versions to see which one can suit your PC. From many of the versions of the Nox App Player Emulator, some of the version can suit your Windows PC by which you can download and install the Freedom APK in Nox App Player Emulator.

In the Google PlayStore, there are many of the better games which require different Android Emulators. So people should first check in the Google about the requirement of the System and working conditions of your required Game in order to run the required game in the Windows PC.

There are lots of the Android Emulators available on the Net by which various people download and install it into their PC and Enjoy playing many of the games. It is possible to play any of the Android games with the help of the Android Emulators.

Nowadays new Android Emulators are released in order to provide every people various better options to download and install it and play every game smoothly without any issue. So people nowadays try to install various types of the Android Emulators into their PC to continue to get a proper and better kind of Android Emulators for them.

There are lots of issues happened for not getting the Android Emulators install into the Windows PC. So First of all, people should check the System requirements for the Android Emulators and if they don’t know anything about it, then they should search the Web and find out the reason for not getting the Android Emulator to install in the Computer.

Then also after checking on the Net, the issue is not solved, then you should wait for the New Android Emulators to come in the future for allowing it to suit your PC. So I have mentioned many of the things about how to download and install the Freedom APK to get rid of the restrictions in-app purchases to play every game free of cost.